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"I wanted to change my smile because I was ashamed of it and didn’t want people to see my teeth. I had different colored fillings and they showed. I really noticed it in pictures. Now I smile more and I would encourage anyone thinking about this to do it."




"I am so happy to have had the opportunity to improve my smile. Knowing my teeth are whiter and straighter just gives me more confidence in myself anytime I feel like smiling. I didn’t realize Invisalign would be something that would work for me until consulting with Dr. Kleven. It was great to see ahead of time on the computer screen exactly what changes would be made and how it would look when I was finished. I never dreamed it would be so quick and easy to improve my smile."




"Dr. Kleven not only improved my smile, but my life! I have more self-confidence since my smile makeover and that is why I wanted to change my smile. Invisalign is a great way to reshape your smile."




"I wanted to change my smile because I noticed the gap between my two front teeth growing wider and wider. Since my smile makeover, I am no longer embarrassed to show my teeth and smile. Dr. Kleven and the entire Advanced Dental Services team is wonderful to work with and always makes me feel comfortable the moment I walk in the door."




"I decided to improve my smile because I wanted to feel confident in the way it looked. I am pleased with the results and so excited to have a healthy smile. I trust the Advanced Dental Services team. They are all fantastic and informative of all the steps it takes to get the results you want."




"I first noticed I was not happy with my smile when my front teeth began to chip. I was self-conscious and wanted to change my smile. Since my smile makeover, I am more confident and ready to show off my new smile. One of my dearest friends decided to have a smile makeover right after I did. It makes you feel better about yourself."




"I decided to change my smile because I was involved in a motorcycle accident which resulted in broken and crooked teeth. I am learning to smile and laugh again without covering my mouth. My advice to those thinking of a smile makeover is to go for it! It is worth the effort and investment."